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About CETC - #1 Disability Provider in Cache Valley

#1 Disability Provider in Cache Valley

History of Cache Employment and Training Center


Programs for people with disabilities were started through the efforts of concerned parents in the 1950s. By 1961 there were 15 children attending the Cache Training Center in a former LDS 12th Ward Church in southwest Logan.

In the 1960s the Utah Legislature gave the responsibility for the education of students with disabilities to the schools. Under the Logan School District the program moved to the Whittier Elementary School. The USU Special Education Department conducted the training program and the enrollment soon grew to 40-50 young people. The program demonstrated that these children could achieve much more than had been thought possible.

Benson-groupIn 1972 the program was divided. Those under 16 years of age moved to the University and those over 16 transferred to a more vocationally oriented program in the old Benson School under the Cache County School District. When the program began in Benson there were about 20 participants that formed the nucleus of that program.





Rhonda-Morrison-candles-01A decision was made that this program should be work oriented and use work itself as a vehicle for training. Community business leaders cooperated by providing contract work. A woodshop and a candle operation were developed and assembly work for farm equipment was secured. The program grew to 70-80 participants.

Administrators wanted to find ways to integrate participants into the community workforce. Working with Utah State University food service they began what may well have been one of the first enclave work sites in Utah. This provided a means to train people to work outside a sheltered setting and give them experience. Jobs were developed, people were placed and support was given to ensure success.

In 1986 the program and the BATC were moved into the remodeled Wurlitzer Building thanks to a generous Legislature who purchased and remodeled the building. Almost at once there was a change in productivity and attitude on the part of the consumers and staff. About that time it was decided that the program should become a 501(c)(3) non-profit because the majority of the participants were over school age. The organization was incorporated as Cache Industries, Inc in 1988.

Disability Services in Logan, UT

Ribbon Cutting Sandy Smart, Tex Jenkins, LuAnn Quayle,Vernon Goodsell, Ada DuncanThe BATC grew and needed the space occupied by Cache Industries. The Board of Directors elected to seek a building that would belong to us. A search resulted in the purchase of the former Saddleman building and 4.5 acres of land in Logan. The program moved into the new facility on Jul 1, 1995 and remains there today.

From a simple beginning, because of parental involvement, to the many services offered today, the focus has always been the same, “to provide quality services and training for people with disabilities.” In 50 years one thing has never changed and that is the love and concern that the former and present staff have for the individuals that have passed through our doors.