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Disability Services for Idaho Residents

Disability Services for Idaho Residents

Work Services

Rumunerative work and training for adults with disabilities who lack the skills and experience to obtain and maintain employment in the competitive labor market. The Work Service program utilizes individual and group work and related activities to assist individuals in: Understanding the meaning, value, and demands of work; enhancing positive work attitudes and personal characteristics; and developing functional capacities which will help them achieve their optimum level of vocational performance.

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Community Supported Employment

Self-employment or paid employment for an individual or in a group setting who, because of his/her disabilities, needs ongoing support. Conducted in a variety of business and industry settings and the individual is paid minimum wage or higher.

Adult Day

Adult Day Care is a program through Idaho Health and Welfare Medicaid Services. The participant needs to be “Waivered Eligible” to be able to participate in the program. ADC service is delivered in a supervised, structured day program that provides a variety of health, social, recreational, and other related support services that is provided in a safe and protective setting.

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